Healthcare & Digital Inclusion Collaboration Needed

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Why Healthcare & Digital Inclusion Collaboration is Needed

The doctor grabbing the patient’s phone.  “Here–let me download MyChart so you can check your lab result yourself!”

The highly skilled digital skill instructor asking me for a tutorial on the patient portal because they had never used one.

Digital navigators enthusiastically encouraging patients to message their doctors through the portal.

The health system recruiting patients for a clinical trial by sending bulk messages through MyChart.

What could possibly go wrong?

Over the last decade, I’ve sought to build collaborations between healthcare & digital inclusion collaborations.  For years, I was discouraged by how little progress was made.

Needless to say, the COVID-19 pandemic raised the urgency of bringing digital inclusion perspectives to the health sector.  And, designation of $64 billion in funding for Internet for All has supercharged the digital inclusion community.  Many digital inclusion practitioners are now seeking information about how to engage with the health sector.

Learning on the job

With many thanks to Digitunity, I’ve been able to distill a decade of learning about why and how to bring the sectors together into a very practical report.  Digital inclusion practitioners will learn what the health sector needs and how to make it available to them.  The health sector will learn about the wealth of expertise available across the country that can help patients get connected and learn to use digital health tools. 

Research findings and best practices are offered. 

Download a free copy of the report from Digitunity, and view a terrific webinar that features experts from “best in class” organizations that are bridging these gaps:

 Hosted by Karisa Tasjian from Digitunity, an organization devoted to ensuring device equity;

Hear from:

Tsion Tesfaye, Research and Policy Manager, National Digital Inclusion Alliance

Katherine Kim, Principal, MITRE Labs, Health Innovation Center; and

Theresa Sladek, Strategic Partnerships & Northstar Business Development Manager, Literacy Minnesota.

And yours truly.