Cleveland’s Win is the Digital Divide’s Loss

Cleveland’s Win is the Digital Divide’s Loss

The National Science Foundation today announced that Cleveland will share $2.7million with 6 other cities testing innovative methods to end the digital divide.  Public Health Innovators is proud to work with DigitalC to bring affordable broadband to underserved urban neighborhoods.  But we know that just making service available is not enough.  Through partnerships with area health systems, we will help patients obtain devices, get home broadband, and learn to use digital health tools.

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More good news!

Thanks to tireless efforts of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance and the Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband Coalition, the federal government will distribute more than $2 billion to subsidize purchase of connected devices and broadband service by households that were economically affected by the pandemic.  Public Health Innovators is helping health systems in Cleveland to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to bridge the digital divide. The program ends when the funds have been exhausted so don’t wait to prepare!

Schedule a call with Public Health Innovators to see how you can:

Develop a strategy for increasing digital patient engagement

  • Improve access to the internet in urban underserved neighborhoods
  • Screen your patients to identify needs for devices, connectivity and digital skills
  • Develop metrics to characterize the “telehealth readiness” of patients
  • Partner with community organizations to provide devices to patients and teach them to use them
  • Train and engage digital health navigators to encourage patients to use digital health tools such as telehealth, portals and remote monitors
  • Make your technology more friendly for diverse populations.